At Ritz Med Spa, we offer exclusive membership programs to our valued clients.

Designed to provide you with maximum value and flexibility, our membership programs offer great rewards and freedom.

With a membership to Ritz Med Spa, you get the treatments you want, when you want them—you never have to wait for a promotion. Our memberships not only allow you to regularly take care of your skin and health, the same way you would maintain your car or home, they also enable you to experience new treatments at special discounted member-only pricing.

Youthful Facial Plus

  • Your Choice of 1: Express Facial, Chemical Peel or Dermaplane
  • 1 Per Month
  • PLUS 10% OFF Any Product

Premier Radiance

  • Your Choice of 2: Chemical Peel, Microdermabrasion, Dermaplane or Custom Facial
  • 1 Per Month
  • PLUS 10% OFF Any Product

Elite Skin Essentials

  • Your Choice of 1: Micro-Needling, Upgraded-Hydrafacial or IPL
  • 1 Per Month
  • PLUS 10% OFF Any Product

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